Sol og strand brochure project

The school project is about to catch people's attention during their holidays at the specific private rentable houses all over Denmark. I need to make people want to read this rack card and make it in an easy-to-access way.






Generating keywords is an important part of the design journey you start with. By doing that you can create a great design afterward because you have to understand what is the values of the project and get into it.

Main Typefont

Sans serif fonts are clean, modern, and engaging. They’re used by brands that want to demonstrate a straightforward, simple, and no-nonsense attitude. When it comes to typography in logo design, sans serif solutions indicate a sense of honesty and sensibility. The simple, yet effective nature of sans serif fonts make them perfect for brands who want to put clarity first when designing their company logo. Often this can be linked to businesses that are focused on “forward-thinking” ideals. Coupled with the fact that sans serif fonts are modern, Aileron with its clean and appealing nature seemed like the right fit.

Aileron TypeFamily

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