Danish Air Transport cross-media campaign project

How to design a cross-media advertisement campaign for DAT, that expresses their values and joy for travel, but also informs about their services, in an appealing way to potential customers?



By generating a keywords especially for this project was an important part to specifically emphasize company's visual identity by doing this research for keywords and identify company's essence to communicate well to the target audience and make design clear and appealing.


Din Next LT Pro

Sans serif fonts are clean, modern, and engaging. They are basically used by brand with straightforward intention and wants to stay simple and in trend. When it comes to typography in logo design, sans serif solutions indicate a sense of honesty and sensibility.

The simple, yet effective nature of sans-serif fonts make them perfect for brands who want to put clarity first when designing their campaigns.

Including with fact that the sans-serif fonts are modern and reliable in some cases, Din Next LT Pro is exactly appropriate for this kind of cross-media campaign typography.

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